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Providing Direction To You And Your K9

At Cardinal Lane K9 Training Services, I strive to provide a humane, reward-based training methodology to build a relationship of trust and respect between you and your dog. Browse the site to learn more about myself and my available programs or contact me to schedule an assessment today. 

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Personalized Training


Training with Care

I currently have 2 programs available. Both of my programs include basic obedience and manners training. This is critical knowledge for your dog and helps your day to day life with them become more enjoyable. Whether your dog is a new member to your family with some unwanted habits or a puppy needing initial mannerisms training I can help give you the tools to correct unwanted behavior and change your dog's thought process to achieve a conditioned response. My welcome home puppy package provides a solid start for owners and their pups to gain an understanding of expected behavior and how to properly introduce the commands. And my private sessions are completely custom to your dog and can help you break unwanted behavior or just give you one on one time with me to work with your dog and teach you at your own pace. 



Ready. Set. Train.

Do you have a new puppy coming to your home? Did you know that within a few days of your new pup coming home you should begin your training? This program is specifically designed for young pups from ages 8 weeks to 6 months. Whether you are a first time owner or it's been a while since you have had a puppy around it is important to start thinking about training before your pup arrives. Have you decided if you are going to crate train your pup? Each puppy program comes with a welcome information package including topics such as a crate training schedule, a puppy vaccination schedule, the importance of socialization and confidence building. These are all crucial topics when training a new puppy. The Welcome Home Puppy Package will teach all basic commands such as sit, down, stay, leave it, watch me, place, walking on a leash and include weekly exercises for owners to complete with their new pup. We will also go over ways to prevent resource guarding, introduce rank reduction, desensitization and socialization. Dogs thrive on structure and consistency and I highly recommend creating a schedule for your pup. Create your expectations early and follow through with them. This program consists of an initial meet and greet to evaluate the puppy and discuss training goals followed by 8 weekly training sessions completed in your home. Program price $600



A Little Goes a Long Way

This is a completely personalized training program. After the initial behavioral assessment I build a custom training program for your dog that focuses on your concerns as well as mine. I work one on one with you providing the tools for you to understand your dog's thinking in order to correct unwanted behaviours. Each dog learns at a different rate and may have different behaviors you wish to correct. These sessions are 1 hour at a time and will include homework for you to complete before our next session. The cost of this program is $75/ hour after the initial consultation cost of $125. This package also includes an intro pamphlet on classical conditioning and common terms I use and how they apply to your dog's training. This reading will help you understand your dog's way of thinking and be better prepared to aid in your dog's success. 


Not sure which of my programs would be best for your dog? Get in touch and I can customize a suitable program to meet your needs. 

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North, South, East, West

My name is Tarin Lane, I am the proud owner and head trainer of Cardinal Lane K9 Training Services. 
I have been involved in the care and training of animals for over 20 years. I grew up with animals and from a young age knew that I wanted to pursue a career in an animal field. In 2012 I graduated from Guelph University after completing the Horse Industry Technician program. After a few serious injuries I was forced to retire from the equine world but still wanted to continue my work with animals. 
In 2016 I was hired as a kennel attendant with a state of the art dog breeder who introduced me to a new level of care and training for dogs. I spent a few years working in the kennel and nursery whelping and caring for puppies and after taking some time off to have my daughter I went back strictly as a trainer. I would take puppies into my home to complete imprinting programs between 4-8 weeks long. I was introduced to the concept of classical conditioning and understanding the psychology of a dog. Since studying the findings of Ivan Pavlov in his experiments I have included classical conditioning as the backbone of my training programs. 
You may be wondering about my logo and why I have chosen the name Cardinal Lane. Well, Lane was a wedding gift from my husband but Cardinal has a particular meaning behind it that ties in with my logo, the cardinal compass. The cardinal directions are North, South, East and West. That is why I am here. My goal is to provide you and your K9 with direction. I aim to bond with my clients and assess the dogs current way of thinking and mould it into a conditioned response. Each program covers basic training and manners as well as understanding the importance of socialization and desensitization. 

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"I highly recommend Tarin of Cardinal Lane K9 Training for any life stage training of your dog. I am impressed with Tarin's techniques and you won't be disappointed with her methods and instruction. Each time Tarin works with my dog, it is amazing how my dog learns and responds immediately. She shows me how to repeat these exercises to effectively train my dog. My dog has excelled at every exercise and command we have learned. Tarin explains how these exercises affect your dog's behavior and how they work. I have to admit, I am blown away by the results of our training sessions and look forward to the next one."


"Hi my name is Bethany,  My dog Gunner and I have been through a very long journey together. From the moment I brought him home I knew he was a special dog.  He wasn't with out his challenges,  for two years I spent money on vets bills trainers and dog walker after dog walker,  I couldn't hold a dog sitter due to his antics, leash biting, jumping, nipping etc he was impossible to house train and  wouldn't constantly "husky shriek" if I left the room,  he ate everything ! Chargers, shoes, whole socks,  anything he could get his hands on. People wouldn't go near him  out of fear, it broke my heart but even my anxiety levels and frustration was growing thinking I couldn't handle this dog. I met Tarin through mutual friends, she Sat and listened to me vent about everything Gunner and I had been through.  The vet was pushing medication, and I couldn't fight the feeling deep down  there was another way.   From the second Gunner ran  to greet Tarin in our first training session i knew we were in good hands.  She was calm and so knowledgeable.  Gunner responded to her instantly,  and of course tried pushing boundaries, but soon learned that wasn't going to fly with Tarin. I could see they bonded  quickly  and Gunner was picking up skills I had tried to months to teach him.   Tarin has spent so much time working with Gunner and myself making sure I feel  confident and able to enforce our new training .   Gunner   is still an energetic and excited dog, but   with every session I see his  manic energy  used in positive ways for mental and physical stimulation.  Destruction on my house has ceased, and  anxiety has faded to general excitement It's been a long road, but Tarin has given me the gift of knowing I can keep and properly care for a dog  that most have turned their backs on and told me to get rid of. Thank you for not giving up on my sweet boy ."


"Having worked closely with Tarin on rescue as well as rehabilitation, her skills with all mannerisms and behaviors with dogs is astounding. Her years of experience and training has allowed her to become in tune with the needs of each dog that she has come across. I highly recommend Tarin to safely, effectively and humanely train your four legged best friend." 

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At Cardinal Lane K9 Training Services, I strongly believe that it’s never too late to change your pet’s behavior. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Campbellford, ON, Canada

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